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Eager to grow your own three-needled pines? Try Loblolly pine, a fast-growing species of pine native to the southern United States. Recently we have acquired a large quantity and have made it available to our customers across Canada and the world. Hardy to zone 7, it prefers areas with moist soil and warm temperatures. One of the most commonly planted trees in timber plantations, Loblolly pine is preferred for its straight growth habit and ability to proliferate in areas that are marginally fertile. For the hobbyist or the serious tree farmer, Loblolly pine is a great choice. You will be pleasantly...

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We have just restocked our sought after Koyama's spruce (Picea Koyamae) - available for purchase in 20 seed packets. This critically endangered species is now only found in select parts of Japan, with a few other trees scattered around the world. The population is declining in it's native region due to typhoons, and fewer than 1000 remain. Limited quantities are available in our seed store! Koyama Spruce    

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Come view our selection of new tree seeds for planting in 2019

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