New tree seed selection available for 2019

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New tree seed selection available for 2019

We have been working very hard to expand our selection of seeds, including trees and fruits. Take a look and see our newest introductions for the new year, starting with some unique trees.

Giant Sequoia seeds - Sequoiadendron giganteum

One of our giant sequoia seedlings, only a few months after germination.


The giant sequoia, the largest tree in the world, is a colossus of the conifers. This tree is also known as the "redwood tree" because of its orange-coloured wood grain. Especially large in its native region in the mountains of California, these trees can grow up to Zone 5 and endure the snowy winters of northern latitudes. Growing your own giant sequoia is a fun and rewarding venture. As the tree grows, it requires large amounts of water and should be planted in a place that does not dry out, such as nearby a mountain stream.

giant sequoia seeds

A small mound of giant sequoia seeds, procured from our suppliers in California.

Hybrid spruce seeds - Picea mariana x rubens, Picea x lutzii

picea mariana hybrid

Hybrid red/black spruce seedlings - Picea mariana x rubens under 24h light

We have two new exciting varieties of spruce seeds we have begun experimentation with. The hybrid red x black spruce, scientific name Picea mariana x rubens is an interesting example. This is a cross between the black spruce, a pan-Canadian boreal species that extends to some of the coldest grow zones and the red spruce, a species native to the maritime provinces. The black spruce enjoys peat bogs and other wet environments whereas the red spruce thrives in hilly, mountainous terrain. Any hybrid seedlings should produce an intermediary between the two species.

Picea x lutzii seedlings growing indoors in pots 

Lutz's spruce - or Picea x lutzii. A hybrid species between Sitka spruce - the largest spruce species worldwide, native to Canada's west coast and the white spruce, a pan-Canadian boreal species. This hybrid is known to have rapid growth and is versatile when it comes to the environment it prefers. Our supplier has provided us with Alaskan seeds, ensuring cold hardiness and survival at high latitudes. This tree is used in forestry in extremely cold climates such as Norway and Iceland. 

Eastern white pine - Pinus strobus

Eastern white pine is a great species native to Ontario's forest. This select northern hardy seed will provide the genetics for long-term survival of a very attractive and tall coniferous tree. The white pine is the tallest tree in Ontario and on the eastern coast of North America. It is a rewarding species to grow and enjoys a variety of sites, anywhere from sandy soils to rich organic earth. Like most conifers, it enjoys full sun but can tolerate some shade.

We are excited to bring you more varieties of seeds to grow this coming year. Check out our new additions at today!

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