About us

Tree Seeds Inc. aims to offer a convenient online source for tree, vegetable and herb seeds. We are located in the Greater Hamilton Area in Ontario, Canada. We source our vegetable and herb seeds from local suppliers and pickers in the ecologically diverse Greenbelt region. We source our tree seeds from across Canada and around the world! We promise to work very hard to find the seeds you are looking for. Our goal is great customer service and we welcome you to contact us with your questions and suggestions. We hope to provide the best selection of tree seeds at fair prices that makes growing trees accessible to anyone in Canada. 

Please note that treeseeds.ca in Canada is not in any way affiliated with treeseeds.com based in the United States.

Contact us via e-mail: contact@treeseeds.ca

  • We are exclusively an e-commerce business and are not setup for telephone calls at this time. We handle all business communications through e-mail.

Interested in selling your seeds to us? Contact us through our picker form here.