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We have 2 new products available - Heirloom catnip and lavender! Catnip is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, and contains a feline attractant named nepetalactone. It is common for cats to roll on the ground, lick, paw, and consume the plant once it has been detected. Cats seem to display a euphoric reaction, and eating too much of the plant will cause drowsiness. It has other uses as well - catnip is actually an insect repellant which will deter both flies and mosquitoes. Humans can also enjoy the effect, though it is not as acute. Catnip can be harvested and...

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We're always looking for new ways to communicate with our customers. We want to hear about what you've been growing as well as the types of seeds that you're having trouble finding. We are always interested to hear your germination results and welcome your feedback. Are there any growing accessories you would like to see carried in stock? We example we have new peat moss pellets available to help with germinating your seedlings. As a reminder we and handle all business communications via e-mail. You can reach us at at any time.  We've recently made improvements to our...

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Come view our selection of new tree seeds for planting in 2019

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