Heirloom Catnip and Lavender now available!

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Heirloom Catnip and Lavender now available!

We have 2 new products available - Heirloom catnip and lavender!

Catnip is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, and contains a feline attractant named nepetalactone. It is common for cats to roll on the ground, lick, paw, and consume the plant once it has been detected. Cats seem to display a euphoric reaction, and eating too much of the plant will cause drowsiness. It has other uses as well - catnip is actually an insect repellant which will deter both flies and mosquitoes.

Humans can also enjoy the effect, though it is not as acute. Catnip can be harvested and brewed into a tea which will provide a relaxing, sedative effect.

Try some today! Your cat will thank you for it.


Our new heirloom lavender will add a fragrant aroma to your garden, not to mention a beautiful purple accent. You can dry out your harvest and create potpourri, or even use the plant to extract essential oils with the right equipment. Segments can also be used as a flavouring in culinary dishes and desserts.

Lavender is also an important source of food for the Bee population. The flowers yield a nectar that is harvested and in turn creates a premium honey. With bee populations in North America being affected by climate change and other factors, it's important we do our part to provide them with assistance when possible. 

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