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Thanks for checking back in with us! The great tradition of the hanging of the greens celebrates bringing Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir and the Balsam Fir among other species of conifers into the home at Christmas time. As some of you have heard the humble Christmas tree has been in short supply as of late. Many have reported difficulty in obtaining some of the prime cultivars in stores. The costs associated with short supply and high demand can be tough to overcome. There is another way, you can grow your own Christmas tree! These Fir species are mostly cold-hardy and robust,...

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We have just restocked our sought after Koyama's spruce (Picea Koyamae) - available for purchase in 20 seed packets. This critically endangered species is now only found in select parts of Japan, with a few other trees scattered around the world. The population is declining in it's native region due to typhoons, and fewer than 1000 remain. Limited quantities are available in our seed store! Koyama Spruce    

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