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We're please to now offer $5.00 flat-rate local delivery for select Greenbelt customers in the Greater Hamilton Area. (Available for orders over $25.00 value and postal codes starting with: L7N, L7R, L7S, L7T, L9H, L8S, L9C) We're proud to call The Greenbelt home and are happy to help expedite your growing project. Local deliveries are done at the end of every week after regular order fulfillment. 

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The Svalbard Seed vault: A genetic repository for humankind, looking towards an uncertain future. Project started in 1984. What is the Svalbard Seed vault? It is a hardened storage facility located offshore Norway in a remote island chain known as Svalbard. (78.235867°N 15.491374°E) This is a special facility for storing rare and important varieties of seed from around the world.  Any country is allowed to deposit seeds into the vault and retain the rights to withdraw them at a later date. A link to the project website: Saving seeds helps to prevent the extinction of these species. With a repository of...

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We're always looking for new ways to communicate with our customers. We want to hear about what you've been growing as well as the types of seeds that you're having trouble finding. We are always interested to hear your germination results and welcome your feedback. Are there any growing accessories you would like to see carried in stock? We example we have new peat moss pellets available to help with germinating your seedlings. As a reminder we and handle all business communications via e-mail. You can reach us at at any time.  We've recently made improvements to our...

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