New seeds in stock for February 2022!

New seeds in stock for February 2022!

American persimmon seeds are now available. This deciduous hardwood fruit tree is an excellent choice for our southernmost customers living in Ontario's green belt. The persimmon prefers warmer climates than most, favoring areas where hardwood trees are predominant. 

You can find them for sale here.

We are expanding our selection of maple seeds as well. Rocky Mountain Maple or Douglas maple is now available. These trees are common to the western provinces like British Columbia and Alberta. A good choice for a tree that needs to survive mountainous areas.

You can find them for sale here.

As always, if you have a seed variety that you want but is not listed, contact us and we will consider acquiring it for our inventory.



  • Justin mcbride

    Hi there, just wondering if you could get Sequoia sempervirens Coast redwood seeds?



    Hi Bruce,

    Yes, we’ll look into getting Scots pine in for you! Please check back soon.

    Feel free to shoot us an e-mail about this if you want an update.

    Very best regards,

  • Bruce

    Hi there, are you able to get a stock of Scots pine?


    Hello Josiane,

    We’ll look at getting this seed type in for you! Check back in the next couple of weeks.

    Team Tree Seeds

  • Josiane

    HI, I bought a land in Essex (southern Ontario) and I looking for Quercus Shurmardii seeds. I would like plant this trees because they are in danger.
    Do you have or do you know where I can get it? Thanks in advance.

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