Indoor Growing and Lighting Considerations

Indoor Growing and Lighting Considerations

For those of you who want to get a kick-start on growing indoors, consider using additional lighting to suppliment or replace natural daylight. This will extend your growing season and allow your plants to flourish when the conditions outside may not be as optimal.

LED Bulbs are very energy efficient and becoming more affordable every day. Natural Daylight type bulbs are commonly found at most hardware stores and can be used for growing. Full-spectrum LED bulbs are also available, and will yield best results. These closely simulate the kelvin rating of sunlight (5000-6000k).

Flourescent bulbs are also a viable option. These are more widely available, with many specialized grow lights available at hardware and aquarium stores. While typically less expensive to purchase, considerations need to be made when disposing of these bulbs. They also have a shorter life cycle.


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