Giant Sequoia

Giant Sequoia


Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) is an exceptional species of tree in many ways. It was once present across North America, but is now restricted to its small range in California. However it is an excellent tree to have in parks and grow to a significant size so plenty of space is required. Giant sequoia does well in the oceanic climates of British Columbia such as Vancouver or Victoria and many successful examples are located there.

One thing most amateur growers notice is the very fast speed at which giant sequoia trees grow. Compared to most pine, spruce or fir, giant sequoia certainly does grow faster. Even compared to the vigorous growth of cedars, we would say Giant Sequoia is likely one of the fastest growing conifers on earth.

giant sequoia sapling

A tree whose main weakness (in the Canadian context) is sensitivity to cold, so will not grow well or at all in the eastern half of Canada. However they can thrive well in the western coastal climate of B.C.

We recommend keeping Giant Sequoia seeds cold stratified in the fridge for 2-3 weeks after watering for best germination results.

Why not try growing the world's biggest tree yourself!


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