Deciduous hardwood nut seeds now available!

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Deciduous hardwood nut seeds now available!

We are excited to now offer some new species of tree seeds for sale. This autumn season we have been busy collecting good quality hardwood nut seeds. 

Hickory: Carya cordiformis - Bitternut hickory 

A hardwood deciduous tree native to Ontario and Quebec. Although the seeds are not edible for humans, due to the bitter astringent taste, wildlife species enjoy the nuts. The mature tree produces a heavy, hard wood that is coveted in woodworking.

Ginkgo: Ginkgo biloba - Gingko tree 

An exceptionally unique deciduous tree. Phylogenetically speaking it has more similarities to conifers than deciduous hardwood trees. Its fast growth and tolerance to adverse conditions make it a favourite for city planting in parks and streets around the globe. The seeds are edible and used in specialty dishes.

Red Oak: Quercus rubra - Northern red oak

Once again we have re-stocked a fresh batch of red oak seeds. An old favourite. Check the product page for more details.


 A note regarding shipping for our Japanese customers:

We have now added a shipping zone for Japan distinct from other international destinations. This should provide a reduced shipping cost. Tracking is unfortunately not available for this destination, however that should not effect shipping. Thank you to our Japanese customers for your interest!

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