Tree seed - Western larch

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(Larix occidentalis)

Western larch is native to the mountainous regions of British Columbia, growing at high altitudes up to 1800m and is very cold hardy, withstanding temperatures of less than -50C. A deciduous conifer reaching 30-60m in height with trunk diameter up to 1.5m and a narrow conical form, it grows fast and tall in the right conditions. Leaves are 2-5cm long, soft, slender and bright green that grow in bundles, turning a golden yellow in the fall. Cones are 3-5cm, cylindrical and contain 40-80 seeds.

Germination: Soak in water for 24 hours. Cold stratify for 30 days. Plant in a soil medium 1-2 cm deep and wait for germination.

Packet contains at least 50+ seeds.