Tree seed - Chinese Coffin Tree

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(Taiwania cryptomerioides)

Known also as Chinese coffin tree, this rare species of conifer is endemic to Taiwan as the name suggests. It is a large, evergreen tree in the cypress family. One of the largest tree species in Asia, it can measure over 90m or 300 feet in height fully grown. It prefers hot, rainy climates and is native to Vietnam, China and Laos.

Germination: Soak seeds in water for 24 hours. Sow in moist potting soil afterwards, keeping soil wet with occasional spraying with water. Allow 2-3 weeks for seedling emergence. Seedlings will germinate faster in warmer temperatures (20 C).

Packet contains at least 100 seeds.

Approximately 0.65g/100 seeds

Hardiness: Zone 8