Tree seed - Rocky Mountain Juniper

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(Juniperus scopulorum)

The Rocky Mountain Juniper or Genévrier des Rocheuses is native to mountainous parts of British Columbia and foothills of southern Alberta. The largest of Canadian junipers, it usually grows up to 10m but has been known to exceed 25m and almost 1m diameter in exceptional specimens. The leaves are scale-like, 1-2cm long and usually pale green. The berry-like cones ripen in 2 year cycles, and are slightly larger than that of the eastern juniper. This tree can grow in very rocky or sandy soils, but grows better in moist, well drained loam soils in its range. It is often the first species to colonize barren areas and enjoys full sunlight for growth.

Soak in hot tap water, let stand in water for 6 hours..

Germination: Soak in warm water, let stand for 6 hours. Cold stratify for 90 days. Sow seed 1-2cm deep in potting soil medium.

Packet contains at least 100 seeds.
Approx 2.5g / 100 seeds