Tree seed - Red Oak

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(Quercus rubra)

Red Oak, Northern Red Oak or Champion Oak is a deciduous tree that is native to North America. It grows from The Great Lakes all the way east to Nova Scotia. The tree is known to grow straight and tall. It is identified by its distinct bark that has shiny stripes down the center of it. Leaf out occurs along with other Oaks in the spring when the day is about 13 hours long. It prefers soil that is slightly acidic.

Germination: Once the seeds are cold stratified for several weeks to 15°C / 60°F and then exposed to moisture germination proceeds. Seeds should not be kept stored for longer than 16 months.

A package contains: 15 seeds.

Please be advised that these seeds are not "float tested". They are visually inspected.

Seeds freshly collected in the 2023 harvest season.