Tree seed - Pin oak

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(Quercus palustris)

Known as Pin oak, it is a medium sized deciduous tree that grows to 20m tall with a trunk diameter reaching 1m. Often found growing tall in the extreme southern parts of Ontario, this tree has a columnar trunk and pyramidal canopy. Leaves are dark green, 5-15cm long with 5 to 7 lobes each with bristle tipped teeth. Known to be tolerant of pollution, Pin oak is ideal for landscaping around its typical range with quick growth in relation to other oaks. Durable leaves often go unshed through the winter on young trees. Known to hold its branches for a long while even when dead. The numerous acorns produced by this tree are similar to Northern red oak, but smaller and with characteristic vertical stripes on some of the seeds.

Germination: Soak in water for 24 hours. Cold stratify for 60 days and plant in moist soil medium or cold-stratify by planting outdoors in the fall.

Packet contains 15+ seeds.

Please be advised that these seeds are not "float tested". They are visually inspected.

Seeds freshly collected in the 2023 harvest season.