Tree seed - Paw Paw

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(Asimina triloba)

The Paw paw is a small fruit tree native to North America. A member of the Anonaceae family, its fruit has a distinct tropical flavour and is a rare tree of the southernmost, warmest regions of Canada. Its large, oval leaves are distinct and have a very tropical appearance. Two genetically different trees are required for pollination and fruit, a good reason to grow from seed. 

Germination: Soak seeds in water for 24 hours. Place into a refrigerator at 4 degrees C for 70-100 days in a sterile potting medium such as peat moss sealed in a plastic bag. Check moisture levels occasionally. Do not allow seeds to dry out during germination phase. After the cold stratification, place into a rich fertile potting mix and keep moist and warm (20-25 degrees C recommended). Seeds can be slow to germinate.

Cultivation: Grows well in shade, prefers a tree shelter for the first couple years if grown in full sun. If growing from a container, use a tall tree pot as the taproot in this species is usually quite long. Plant in its permanent position before allowing it to become root-bound. Enjoys moist, well drained soil and prefers riverbanks. Seedlings can grow to half a meter in their first year under good conditions.  Grows in zones 5-9.

For longer-term storage, keep the seeds refrigerated at 4 degrees C, and take care not to allow the seeds to dry out completely as they are sensitive to desiccation. 

Each packet contains at least 15 seeds.

Approximately 1.04 seeds / g.