Tree seed - Koyama's spruce

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(Picea Koyamae)

Koyama's spruce is a very rare species of spruce native to the mountains of central Japan. The tree grows up to 25m tall, and trunk diameter can reach over 100cm in some larger specimens. The leaves are needle-like, 8-16mm long, bluish-green with bright white stomatal lines underneath. The cones are cylindrical to conic, 4-9cm long and 2cm broad, pale brown and fragrant. 

Germination: No pre-treatment required. A short cold period may help speed germination. Soak in water for 12-24 hours then sow 1-2cm deep in regular potting soil.

Growth: Plant in a well-drained, sunny location. Koyama's spruce is known to live up to 2000 m altitude. Hardy to at least zone 5 (-28.8°C and -23.3°C).

Packet contains at least 50 seeds. (50x seeds = 0.55g)

Very limited quantities available, as we only have a very small sample this year!