Tree seed - Jack pine

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(Pinus banksiana)

An important tree in the boreal forests of Canada, it grows in extreme cold climates and on rocky soil. The needles are green, twisted and in pairs of two. The bark of mature trees is dark gray and scaly. This tree grows up to 25m tall in good conditions and can live over 100 years. In the wild, Jack pine relies on regular forest fires for the dispersal of seed from its cones, which do not usually open unless exposed to vhigh temperatures. Often the cones stay on the branch for many years, up to a decade or more. This makes Jack pine a distinctive looking tree compared to other native pines in Canada.

Germination: A very easy pine to grow, with fast germination results even without per-treatment. Soak in water for 24 hours and add to a moist potting soil and sand mixture. Allow 1-2 weeks for germination. Keep soil moist.

Packet contains at least 50 seeds. Approximately 0.8g / 100 seeds