Tree seed - Fraser fir

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(Abies fraserii)

Fraser fir is a shorter-needled relative to Balsam fir that grows in the mountainous ranges of the eastern Appalachians.  Known as the typical Christmas tree, it has a conical crown with branches angled upwards from the trunk. It usually grows 10-15m tall but can reach 25m+ in some specimens. The bark is thin, smooth and grey with resin blisters on young trees with scaly fissured bark on mature trees. The bright green leaves are known for their pleasant smelling aroma, and feature a two distinct white stripes on the underside.

Germination: Soak in water for 24 hours. Cold stratify for 30-60 days and plant 1-2cm deep in soil. 

Package contains at least 50 seeds. (0.8g/50s)