Tree seed - Butternut

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(Juglans cinerea)

Butternut is a species of walnut that grows in Eastern Ontario and Quebec. Also known as white walnut, it has a lighter bark and much more irregular growth habit than black walnut with many branches. It prefers rich, well drained soils by streams, not high and dry sites with poor soil. This species was much more prevalent in Canada before the introduced butternut canker disease. Although, some individual trees that were immune live on. The compound leaves are alternate and pinnate, with 11-17 leaflets and a terminal leaflet at the end of the stalk. The seeds are heavy, shaped like an elongated lime and have a green husk that is sticky to the touch. They occur in bunches of 2-6. The name of the butternut is derived from the edible seeds.

Germination: Soak in water for 24 hours. Then cold stratify for 120 days at 4 degrees C in potting soil. Plant outdoors in well-drained soil in a sunny location.

Packet contains at least 5 seeds.

Limited supply.