Tree seed - Dawn redwood

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(Metasequoia glyptostroboides)

Dawn redwood (Métaséquoia de Chine or also Sapin d'eau in French) is an ancient "living fossil" tree originating in central China, thought to be extinct until as recently as 1943. It is now a popular ornamental tree grown in a wide range of temperate climates. It is able to thrive in standing water, and its roots can form large 'boles' common in other semi-aquatic trees. It prefers moist or saturated soils, and can grow at a fast rate compared to other trees. A deciduous conifer, it has soft leaves that give it very attractive foliage. It is hardy to Zone 5 or -32 degrees C which makes it suitable for many locations in Canada. This species doesn't tolerate drought well and should be planted near a body of water such as a pond or river for best results.

Germination: Soak in water for 24 hours, keep in a well-drained, moist pot and water periodically to keep soil moist. Expect germination within 2-3 weeks at 22 degrees C.

Packet contains at least 100 seeds. (100 seeds = 0.4g)