Tree seed - White spruce

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(Picea glauca)

White spruce is a fast-growing, coniferous tree native to Canada. It is a robust tree, growing in all provinces and territories and a variety of climates. It enjoys drier, well drained sites with full sun, but can tolerate partial shade. A very cold-hardy plant, the white spruce can generally grow up to the coldest grow zones, 1 and 2 (-40 C to -50 C). This makes it a very resilient tree, adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions. It grows at a fast pace in sunny areas and is quick to colonize empty sites.

Germination: No stratification required. 2-3 weeks in a moist potting soil mixture. Keep soil evenly moist to avoid drying out. Water 1-2 times a week until ready for transplant to its permanent location. 

Packet contains at least 50 seeds.


Approximately 0.4g / 100 seeds