Tree seed - Scots pine

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(Pinus sylvestris)

Scots pine is native to Europe, but is widely seen across Canada as an introduced species. Its naturally distributed range is extremely vast, ranging the western tip of Europe across to Siberia. Known for its orange bark when mature, the tree is a fast-growing pine that is cold-hardy and tolerates harsh environments. Its leaves are turquoise-green in bundles of two, twisted and 3-5cm long. Cones are small, 2-4cm wide and egg-shaped. Scots pine enjoys full sunlight and also grows well at higher altitudes and tolerates poor soils.

Germination: Soak seeds in water for 24 hours. Place in cold stratification at 2-4 degrees C for 30 days. Plant in a moist soil substrate 1-2cm deep and keep from drying out. 

Packet contains 50+ seeds.

Approximately: 0.5g /50seeds | 1.0g /100seeds.