Tree seed - Longleaf pine

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(Pinus palustris)

This pine species is noted for its long needles, which are dark green and occur in bundles of three. The needles, often twisted, are between 20-45cm long. A notable feature of this pine is the "grass stage" where in seedlings the stem is remains under the earth and only the foliage is visible. Longleaf pine grows best in an open grassland habitat, with well drained soil. It thrives in conditions of full sunlight and sandy soil, often in pure stands. A hardy and adaptable tree, it can survive in conditions up to zone 8 (-12C to -7C maximum cold).

Germination: Soak in water for 24 hours, then place into moist soil at room temperature. Seedlings should emerge within 1-2 weeks. An easy species of pine to germinate with success and grows quickly. A short cold stratification period may increase germination rate.

Packet contains at least 25 seeds.