Tree seed - Hybrid Red/Black spruce

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(Picea mariana x rubens)

This hybrid seed resulted from a cross between black spruce with red spruce. Usually separate species, the black spruce (picea mariana) grows well primarily in bogs and wet soils whereas the red spruce (picea rubens) excels in higher, drier areas. The yellow-green needles of the red spruce contrast the grey-blue-green colour of the black spruce. Often hybrids commonly have intermediate features between the two parent species, sometimes outperforming both in growth and reproduction.

Germination: Soak in water for 24 hours and sow in moist soil. Wait for 2-3 weeks for germination of seeds. Prefers a continuously moist, but well-drained soil during the initial growth phase.

Packet contains at least 50 seeds.


Approximately 0.65g / 100 seeds