Tree seed - Chokecherry

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(Prunus virginiana)

This species of cherry is native to all provinces in Canada, making it a very wide-ranging tree. It grows to a small shrub size, roughly 1-6m tall, sometimes exceeding 10m in good conditions. The leaves are green, oval, 3-10cm long and finely serrated. The numerous flowers are produced in long racemes of many individual buds. The fruit is 6-12mm in size and ranges from bright red to dark red or almost black with a very astringent taste.

Germination: Soak in water for 24 hours, then cold stratify for 60-90 days. Sow seed 1-2cm deep in a mulched seed bed in warm temperatures to germinate.

Note: This season's harvest has most seeds with the dried skins intact. 

Packet contains at least 25 seeds. (4g. per /25s.)