Tree seed - Red pine

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(Pinus resinosa)

A common tree in the northern forests of Ontario, Quebec and the east coast. Cold hardy and fast growing, an excellent choice for mixed forests or pure stands. Known for its sharp, long, dark green needles in pairs of 2, the cones are generally smaller and egg-shaped. The bark takes on a flaky, reddish appearance when mature, making an interesting specimen tree when sizeable. In good conditions, it is a long-lived tree. Easily growing over 300 years old in good conditions, the maximum age recorded was a 500 year old tree near Granite Lake in Kenora, Ontario which was cut in 1992 for a power line. The latin name Pinus resinosa is named after its notable resin production which takes on a yellow to amber colour and generally a waxy appearance.

Germination: Soak seeds for 24 hours in water. Sow in moist soil and keep well-drained at room temperature. Wait 1-2 weeks for signs of germination - do not allow soil and seeds to dry out completely.

Basic packet contains at least 50 seeds.