Tree seed - Chinese white pine

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(Pinus armandii)

Chinese white pine, also known as Armand's pine, is a species of white pine that produces numerous large cones and seeds. This edible nut-bearing pine tree is native to central China and is hardy up to zone 5. Like other white pines, it has needles in bundles of five. The long, soft foliage takes on an attractive deep green colour with bright green new shoots in the spring and summer and is similar to Eastern White Pine in appearance save for the distinctive larger, heavier cones. Seedlings are easy to grow, and germination is simple without much stratification.

Germination: Allow 2-3 weeks for germination to start, keep seeds warm and moist but not saturated with water.

Cultivation: Once seedling is 15cm tall, transplant into a deep container 5cm or greater in diameter. Consider a sunny, well-drained site for permanent transplantation. In cultivation, it is relatively easy to quickly grow a large number of trees for reforestation projects.

Packet contains at least 25 seeds.