Tree seed - Hybrid pinyon pine

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(Pinus monophylla x edulis)

This seed comes from the result of a rare hybrid cross between soft-shell pinyon pine (pinus monophylla) and hard-shell pinyon pine (pinus edulis), both native to the southwestern US and Mexico. The seeds are edible and highly sought-after. This is a unique hybrid, as the soft-shell pinyon has one needle per fascicle and the hard-shell has two. Overall, this is a slow-growing coniferous tree with pleasing blue foliage. Enjoys full sun and warm temperatures. Hardy to zone 5.

Germination: Place seeds into a pot and keep soil moist. Once germinated, water the trees once or twice a week depending on ambient temperature.

Storage: Refrigeration strongly recommended. Unlike other species of pines, these seeds can spoil quickly if left in high temperatures due to the oil content. 

Packet contains at least 25 seeds.